Combined Application for College & Higher Education

Who we are

MyCache is a free service provided by a team of Bering Strait nonprofit and profit organizations working together to make it easier for you to apply for scholarships:

What we do

Through MyCache, we provide you with a way to apply for multiple scholarships offered to the people of the Bering Strait region. You can use the money provided by the scholarships to pay for college or technical or vocational school.

We believe education shouldn’t stop at high school and we want to help you take the next step.

How it works

Scholarship applications ask for a lot of the same basic information, so MyCache fills in duplicate answers. The only thing you need to do after you complete a MyCache application is answer a few unique questions for each scholarship.

Are you ready to see which scholarships you may be eligible for?


NSEDC Spring Application Deadline Change!!

In an effort to better serve our recipients the MyCache partners are working to align our application deadlines.

Nome Eskimo Community 2021 Summer Internships

Summer Internships at NEC

NSHC 2021 Summer internship

NSHC's summer internship is a 12 week summer program for High school graduates enrolled in postsecondary schooling. This program will support those in many different departments including but not limited to: Accounting, Business Administration, Human Resources, IT, etc,