Combined Application for College & Higher Education

November 1, 2017

To: MyCache Users
From: MyCache Organizations
Re: Online Application Submission

Greetings MyCache User,

Thank you for utilizing the newly designed website to submit your CACHE scholarship applications. The transition to a new, online system has been a learning process for all of us and we appreciate your patience and feedback as we continue to feature the website. At this time, we would like to provide some helpful tips and remind you of procedures when submitting applications.

Helpful Tips:

  1. Update contact information- organizations use this information to contact you
  2. Check your email regularly-especially as deadlines approach and as awards are being processed
  3. Inform organizations if your plans change- if you decide not to attend school for a semester or transfer to another school let us know
  4. Apply during advising week-you’ll have next semester’s class schedule
  5. Use the documents section-once you submit your application, you can upload documents (i.e. transcripts) to your profile **as a courtesy let organization know when items are uploaded**
  6. Completely fill out your application-do not skip any sections
  7. Submit applications before starting another-helps transfer your information between each organization application

As a continuing student, the following items must be included with your completed application:

  1. Class schedule-showing the number of credits you are taking
  2. Transcripts-with previous semester grades included

Over the last year we have noticed several applications that have been completed and signed, but not submitted. Please note, that going forward ANY application that is not COMPLETED & SUBMITTED by the deadline will not be accepted. Each submitted application is timestamped and the status is changed from “not yet submitted” to “under review”. Additionally, email notifications are sent to you and the organization when an application is submitted.

As your application is being processed the status may change. Below is a list and explanation of each status.

Explanation of Status:

Not yet submitted Your MyCache application has been started, but not submitted. Your application cannot be considered until you have submitted it and receive confirmation of a status change.
Under Review Your MyCache application has been submitted and is under review. You will be contacted via email if additional information is needed.
Incomplete Your MyCache application is incomplete. Please contact the office of the organization to which you applied, or sign into your MyCache account to review your application and the scholarship checklist.
Awarded Congratulations, your MyCache application has been awarded. You will receive communication via email shortly..
Denied Unfortunately, your MyCache application was unable to be awarded. Please contact the organization to which you applied for detailed information.

We are committed to providing a resourceful tool for our applicants when applying for scholarships.
Please assist us in this process by reviewing this information and following through with any correspondence and information requested by an organization. If you have any questions or concerns
about the website contact Niaomi Brunette at 800-650-2248 or Questions or concerns on a specific scholarship, please contact organization directly. All contact information is listed on the website.

Website Updates

  1. Each application now has required sections. These sections must be filled out before an
    application can be submitted. Please review your application to make sure you do not omit any information.
  2. Every semester application has a specific open and close date. The close date corresponds with the application deadline and will not be accessible after the deadline.