Combined Application for College & Higher Education

System Backup/Lost Data

During a recent routine maintenance update, the MyCache website developers discovered the backup system was not functioning properly. The system was restored but had to be reset back to July 17th. Unfortunately, any data submitted between July 17th and August 4th was lost. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we will work with those who have been impacted.

Please note the following key points as we move forward to address this issue:

Status updates. If your Fall 2018 application or a vocational application was updated during this time period, it most likely returned to the status it was at on or before July 17th. For example, if your application was changed from “processing” to “awarded” during the affected timeframe, it will revert to “processing”. Each organization will work to update the status of your submitted application. This may result in you receiving multiple emails with status updates. If you are confused about the status of your application, please contact that organization directly.

Uploaded documents. If you uploaded a document to your profile during this time period, that file is no longer available and will need to be resubmitted. For those whose applications are shown as incomplete on the site, please check to see if you are missing any documents you may have uploaded.

New profiles. If you, or someone you know, created a new profile between July 17th and August 4th that profile no longer exists. You will need to create a new profile to access and utilize the MyCache site.

Existing Profiles and data. If you had established a profile on the website prior to July 17 or created one after August 4, and had not changed or uploaded anything between those two dates, your information and uploaded documents were not affected by this issue.

Please accept our apologies, and we appreciate your patience as we address this situation. Please review this memo and follow through with any correspondence and information requested by a MyCache organization. If you have questions or a concern regarding a specific scholarship, please directly contact the organization to which you applied. Each organization’s contact information is included here.

Norton Sound Economic Development Corporation
Contact: Niaomi Brunette
Ph: 1-800-650-2248

Bering Straits Foundation
-Ph: 907-521-7207

Kawerak, Inc.
Contact: Nuna Katchatag
Ph: 1-800-450-4341

Norton Sound Health Corporation
Contact: Irvin Barnes
Ph: 1-888-559-3311

Sitnasuak Foundation
Contact: Marilyn Koezuna-Irelan
Ph: 907-387-1226

Read the full PDF here.